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March_CraftnessMarch is National Craft Month! Didn’t you know that? ;) I’m excited be a part of a fun collab again this month called “March Craftness” via a group of fun YouTube Maven’s.

You certainly won’t want to miss checking out these Vlogs by starting HERE. We began on March 9th and will run a daily video with a craft presented by each gal through the 31st. Subscribe and watch each video by clicking the links below. I hope we’ve inspired you!

March Craftness Participant  YouTube Channel List: 
9th: Meghan Alidoodles
10th: Jessica TheMommyArchives
11th: Amy Robinsc 
12th: Kelli Southernridgestyle
13th: Alex MamatoOlivia
14th: Trista Hotoffthehook 
15th: Kate Creatingfamilycode
16th: Molly Mommaofthreeboys
17th: Katy katysek
18th: Leah Raisingbushes
19th: Heather Waitingforbabyteeter
20th: Kara Themommalibrarian
21st: Mandi Illeeandhartleesmommy
22nd: Jaxten Show Yt
23rd: Sara Biomammy
24th: Michelle ThisOwlHouse
25th: Leigh Inafishbowl
26th: Sheena Happyacres
27th: Rita PolkadotsandBunkergear
28th: Christina SubfertileFrugalista
29th: Brought to You by Mom 
30th: Shannon Waitingforamiracle
31st: Megan Sustainablychicmom

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